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Dust on the Ceiling, a Meandering Rant from TSF0

Posted on November 26, 2009 | By Patty Pino | No Comments

So, did you ever have one of those days where you wake up and you don’t know what to do with yourself so you just lay in bed and stare up and think about how dust gets trapped on the ceiling, of all places, and how it is probably falling on you while you sleep and maybe that is why your hair is so dry and you flip on your computer-radio-TV and witness the same old blather-blather about pop star addictions, and lying politicians……and dying teenagers trapped in a desert half-way around the world and your mind starts to spin about how you wish you could make a difference and how most people are annoyingly indifferent and they’d rather unplug by watching the unreal world of reality TV than face the real realities of the living and all of the intensity of your disappointment makes you aggravated and stressed and you start to focus on your personal issues like unfinished projects and debt and weight and you think, just for a minute, about getting up paying your bills and working out, and then you remember your ratty sweatpants and your worn-out concert t-shirts and your hyper-extended credit cards and you’re unsure if you have any clean socks anyway so instead you visualize yourself working out confidently and you wonder why you’re not sculpting your beautiful body just though your ability to positively imagine yourself that way because that is what all the new age wonderfulness teaches – to imagine yourself in the reality you desire and create your own destiny, but you don’t have that kind of patience, and you feel angry that your mind-power has not made you and your world perfect and then more angry when your realize that the drool spot on your pillow is taking forever to evaporate and you don’t have the motivation or the energy to shift your body to relieve your shoulder tension, so you just watch that damn ceiling dust cascade into your hair.


The result of a creative exercise with some friends, this piece morphed into a spoken-word performance thing, and then into the opening slack piece.  The definition of myself reflects the definition of all of us.

<Listen to TSF0: The Episode before the Episode here>


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