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Eleven Ways NOT to Suck (loosely based on my own experiences)

Posted on December 18, 2009 | By Robert LaFrance | No Comments

Wear black

Listen to bands that don’t exist

Swear off all friends and/or family

Develop an addiction (sex, drugs… anything will work – just ask Tiger)

Marry Up

Never lose your hair (Hairclub, Rogaine…do whatever it takes). ┬áHear me, Christian?

Produce Films (or buy a Flip Cam to tape your kid’s stupid tricks and call yourself a producer )

Work for Corporate America so everyone around you sucks dramatically more than yourself

Do what you Love

Become a DJ, pretend to DJ, play DJ Hero, or just buy a damn iPod and force your friends to listen your eclectic, purposefully obtuse, self-indulgent music

Follow Fashion Trends.. wait.. DON’T follow fashion trends… no… well, i don’t know but I’m sure there should be something about fashion on this list…maybe I should quit while I’m ahead/behind


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