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Eleven Things Frowned Upon in Corporate Meetings

Posted on December 16, 2009 | By Patty Pino | No Comments

Create-Your-Own-Territory Syndrome – making a barrier around yourself by spreading your stuff all over the conference table.

Forgetting to mute on a conference call, and having others hear your dog barking, your kid banging blocks together, or the construction guy drilling in the background.

Asking “Do you want that leader to be photographed in a Tuxedo or a Clown Suit?” (Doesn’t get a laugh; I tried it.)

Admitting “I’m only here for the free snacks.”

Asking “What do all of these acronyms stand for, again?”


Getting called on and doing the “Who?  Me? Can you repeat the question again, Alex?” bit.

Rubbing anything excessively – your arm, your thumb, whatever.

Drinking out of a disgusting, stained, 10-year-old coffee mug.

Asking a question, the answer to which was already explained earlier in the meeting.

Channeling Satan through the conference phone using BlackBerry voodoo.


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