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Gen X and retirement

Posted on January 8, 2010 | By Christian | 2 Comments

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently ran a mini-series of articles about Generation X and Retirement written by Maria Panaritis. I know what you are thinking, we are still way too young to really worry about retirement.  So many things can happen that are out of our control between now and retirement, there isn’t much sense sweating it too much.  Well, if you haven’t been thinking about retirement, its time to start.   Now, I don’t want to bring you down but… reading this may.

Between making less overall than our parents did (accounting for inflation etc), the housing market just plain sucks, Baby Boomers taking forever to retire and eating up social security and basically sucking the life out of the economy, and don’t forget the cost of health care; Maria points out we are pretty much SOL.  And lets not forget about the melting polar ice caps, but that’s for another bitch session.

Maybe it is time to just roll over and accept the fact that we are screwed on so many levels?  Never!  If Generation X knows anything, its that we can expect the worst and there isn’t much we can do about any of it.  But don’t give up hope, somehow we always persevere.  ~cg


2 Responses to “Gen X and retirement”

  1. jen
    January 8th, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

    your last post got me to thinkin’ – i wonder how many gen x bloggers (per se) are liberal vs conservative. probably all of us! i can’t wait to check out kelly’s article. i missed so much in my google alerts over the holidays.

  2. seligman
    June 10th, 2010 @ 3:58 pm

    “i wonder how many gen x bloggers (per se) are liberal vs conservative” – I think these terms may become obsolete. These days, both sides seem to be far on the fringe. I tell people that Bill Clinton turned me into a Republican and George W. Bush confused me. I find that most of us are liberal republicans or conservative democrats. In other words, pretty much traveling in the middle lane of the psychotic political highway.

    As I’ve entered the 2nd half of my 30′s, I’ve discovered that I’m less interested in what political party a candidate says they belong to, and more interested in what generation they belong.

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