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Nature? pffff! We could do better.

Posted on April 20, 2010 | By Patty Pino | No Comments

From: Joe
To: Patty Pino
Subject: Nature? pffff! We could do better
University of Guelph in Ontario has created  a new eco-friendly “Enviropig”!


The new earth friendly pigs can now produce excrement without damaging the environment! Yaaay, we’re all saved by science!

…Since when the F@#$ have animals craping been BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!

p.s.  as you might have guessed, in reality, the only environment being damaged are the confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which is a creepy story unto itself. 

It seems to me like another finger in the dam of profit-streamlining living things AKA our food supply.

This has been an angry moment with-

Read more about what Joe was miffed about at “Genetically Engineered ‘EnviroPig’ Waiting For US Approval“  For other frightening food news, check out this clip from The Daily Show.



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