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TSF11: Crazy like Patty (or Snooki) – NOW ONLINE!

Posted on June 13, 2010 | By Robert LaFrance | 1 Comment


The Slacker Factor Podcast, Episode 11:  Crazy like Patty (or Snooki)

Your crack team of Slackers explores what’s real and what’s faux and Patty decides she’s cooler than Snooki in her “Reality is
Overrated” rant. Christian ponders the future of the suprising long-time coming electric car. And we feast our ears on the alt-pop of Draz. Now that’s a show! (or is it?)

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Meandering Rant: Reality Is Overrated by Patty

Book Report: Electric Cars by Christian

Music Segment:  Sunday Rain by Draz



One Response to “TSF11: Crazy like Patty (or Snooki) – NOW ONLINE!”

  1. Patty Pino
    January 4th, 2011 @ 2:04 pm

    Per our conversation on this podcast, I researched the ethnicity of Snookie (see below,) and think I’m out of the woods. Also, as I predicted, I was not selected for the reality show. I contend that I’m crazy cool, and Rob and Chris can just get over it.

    “So much for being “guidette” princesses.

    Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley, 23, admitted on Fox’s Strategy Room that she and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi aren’t even Italian!

    J-Woww says she’s Spanish and Irish, while Snooki, 21, is Chilean.

    The MTV reality show was slammed by Italian-American groups for perpetuating “negative stereotypes,” UNICO National President Andre DiMino told Fox last year.
    “If you replace Italian-Americans with any other ethnic group, would they use such a pejorative term [Guido/Guidette] to promote the show?” he fumed.”

    Source: US Magazine, February 2010

    “Nicole Polizzi was born in Santiago, Chile. Polizzi is of Chilean descent (including Italian Chilean ancestry), and was adopted when she was six months old and was raised by Italian American parents.”

    Source: Wikipedia

    “In an interview with OK! Magazine in December, Snooki referred to herself as “half Spanish” and said she was adopted.

    According to J-WOWW, living the guido/guidette life isn’t dependent on your heritage.
    “It’s a lifestyle and the scene that we’re in…it’s not like Italian,” she said.”

    Source:, February 2010

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