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Just Don’t Call Me Mr. Rob

Posted on August 4, 2010 | By Christian | No Comments

I pity the fool that calls me Mr. Laurence!

Check out this article by Rob Sachs, or Mr Sachs, in today’s Huffington PostJust Don’t Call Me Mr. Rob“.  He discusses the way our generation has brought up our children to refer to their elders as Mr/Miss First Name as opposed to the way we were raised to call them Mr/Mrs Last Name.  Mr Sachs expresses his dilemma of how he should teach his children to refer to adults.  Close friends can be Uncle/Aunt but at what point do we delineate between who is worthy of such a grand title or relegated to Mr/Miss First Name?  And is Mr/Miss First Name really expressing the respect our children should learn to have for adults?

My wife and I have also wrestled with this (and I lost).  I tend to agree with Rob, err Mr. Sachs, that some sense of respect seems lost in the change of title.  Teachers and people in authority are typically Mr/Mrs Last Name so thats fine, but neighbors and friends are less formal?  To be honest, if I were a kid today I would prefer we go one way or another.  I have enough to think about other than worry about what/how I should call someone by name.  And what if the child should choose the wrong way to go?!?  Is this just going to add to the stress of the whole thing?  As a kid I thought trying to figure out if a woman was Miss or Mrs was hard enough!

If I had a vote (which I don’t) I would rather we went back to the good ole days of Mr/Mrs Last Name.  I’m ok with the Aunt/Uncle thing, but come on people lets all get together and make a real change!  ~cg


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