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Try not to look…

Posted on March 2, 2011 | By Christian | 1 Comment

Train wreck alert!

I’m embarrassed to admit this.  I really am.  But… I’m on the drug too.  The Charlie Sheen drug.

The Charlie Sheen slow-motion train wreck has captured my attention and I’m not exactly sure why.   I don’t watch his TV show, feel no connection at all, and really don’t think he is an especially talented actor.  Certainly not the caliber of his father.  Perhaps its the anticipation of what he may say next.  Or maybe its waiting to see who comes out next to support him.  Thank God for friends like Mel Gibson.  A real stand up guy who obviously has Charlie’s best interest in mind.  It just adds to the freak show.  Maybe Lindsey will step up for Charlie too?

No, for me I think it’s more the astonishment.  The astonishment that Charlie Sheen, is a famous actor, and ultimately just a person like you and me (but with a lot more money), yet no one can help him.  Scenarios like this happen every day to non-famous people and often end in tragedy.  The Charlie Sheen tragedy is being played out on every tabloid and news media with what seems to be hourly updates and no one can seem to help.

I really don’t want to sound like a “bleeding heart” but this all says to me that there is something wrong with the system if this can happen every day and more often than not ends in tragedy. 

Sure, Charlie may ultimately end up in a rehab center and hopefully get the help he needs (but I’m not putting money on that).  But how many people don’t have the means or the social support to get the help they need?  These are the people we may hear about in the back pages of the local paper or maybe we see them wandering the streets with their shopping carriage.  Unfortunately I don’t know what the answer is other than to try and raise awareness I guess.  I suspect that with the budget cuts every state and city are facing that this issue won’t be on the top of their list.

Well I guess until this ends I’m just like you and will wait for the next news break about Charlie, anxiously anticipating the next nonsensical rambling about his greatness, sobriety, and mental stability.  Or maybe I’ll even go to the next level and follow him on Twitter so I can beat CNN to the punch!

Good luck Charlie, we wait in the shadow of your (self proclaimed) greatness!  ~cg


One Response to “Try not to look…”

  1. Patty Pino
    March 5th, 2011 @ 9:03 am

    Chris – Your insight into the fact that episodes like this are happening to non-famous people in real life spaces every day is spot on. It isn’t easy or simple to get help from the system, and, sadly, we know too many stories about people who have died or lost loved ones to drugs, alcohol, and mental illness. Even when a person makes the choice to get help, the uphill battle to get into a safe, healthy environment where rehabilitation has the potential to heal can become a daunting process requiring time and strong persistence. Shows like “Intervention” have attempted to shine a some light on the struggles of families to get a person into recovery – and, even with the full support of counselors and having it all lined up for them – things still fail. It is a rough road for Mr. Sheehan and many others like him. If anything good comes out of this, it will be just what you suggest here – that we start a dialog to address personal/chemical crisis differently in our country.

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