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TSF37: Creature, Critter, Chupacabra – NOW ONLINE!

Posted on February 8, 2012 | By Robert LaFrance | 2 Comments


The Slacker Factor Podcast, Episode 37: Creature, Critter, Chupacabra

Episode 37: Amazing things live inside of us, and outside of our houses.  Christian talks giant rodents, Rob likes the songs of Flowers & Sea Creatures, Patty’s folks spot a chupacabra, and special guest, Bryan Davis, teaches us about gut critters.

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Meandering Rant: “A Bunch of $hit that Pisses Me Off” by Christian

Book Report: “Guts & Glory”, our second interview with Bryan Davis of  Check out his podcast Doc Fermento Discovers the World.  He reminds us to “Drink the Brine!”

Music Segment: Flowers and Sea Creatures, brought to you by Rob.

Interesting references from Bryan Davis:

Plus, this deal from Christian: Capybara the World’s Largest Rodent.

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2 Responses to “TSF37: Creature, Critter, Chupacabra – NOW ONLINE!”

  1. Bryan Davis
    February 12th, 2012 @ 12:39 pm

    Great stuff. I love the fact that “shit that pissses me off” is in the tags for this episode.

    By the way vinegar has little or nothing to do with effective food digestion. In order to accomplish that you’d need to get on some HCA (hydrochloric acid), available from your local functional medicine doc, or Naturopath. But anyways, point is- let’s get off those PPI’s!

    Here’s everything (nearly) you need to know about all this gut nonsense:

    and here’s a bit more specifically about stomach acid:

    Don’t know if your comments allows links, guess I’m about to find out.

  2. Robert LaFrance
    February 12th, 2012 @ 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the additional info, Bryan!

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