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Artsey, aren't we?

Artsy, aren't we?

The Slacker Factor podcast and web space blossomed out of the collective frustrations of three East-coast-bred, corporately-employed friends who wanted to create a forum for discussion, expression, and learning.  The reality is we hate the responsibilities of being adults and get together to share random thoughts, listen to loud and curious music, and to have a few laughs.  We want you to do the same, and to be a part of the slackerdom.  Thanks for showing up, listening to the podcasts, and checking out the web site.

The Slackers behind The Slacker Factor:

Chris100x100Christian Godbout is a married father of two who must have sustained a head injury at some point because he can’t believe the 90’s are over and he is suddenly 40-something.  Christian tries to live his life as close to the teachings of Caddy Shack as is permitted by law (and spouse).  He longs for the day that the words “excuse me sir” are not followed by “we are going to have to ask you to leave”.

Rob LaFrance can often be seen dashing to phone booths to change outfits. He is forced to maintain three distinct wardrobes (to his wife’s chagrin): suits for mind numbing corporate america, designer clothes for nightlife and sweats for harrassing his kids. What he lacks in wit, he makes up for with disaffectedness. He was metrosexual before it was fashionable and likes bands that don’t even exist yet.

PP100X100v2Patty Pino considers herself lucky to be alive after enduring intense fashion swings, boys wearing makeup, and the confused preppy-yet-punk morality of the 80’s. She loves and loathes the things of life, simultaneously, which can be a great source of entertainment or can come across as ridiculously tedious. Patty has been kicked out of bars, movie theatres, and was once turned down for a job because of her loud laughter. Follower her on Twitter @BeingPattyPino.

Contributing Slackers:
Steve Angiolino has finally come to the realization that sarcasm is not a great business model. He currently lives in the Jersey suburbs with his wife and two kids and spends long periods of time staring out the back window of his house wondering, “What’s going on in Hoboken right now?” Steve is easily annoyed and often gets into odd conversations with the elderly at the local ShopRite grocery store.
St. Marquis is now proudly in debt deep in the heart of the Garden State of New Jersey. Recently brought down by the Lion of Marriage, this once proud gazelle of a man now lives by the words “Nunc id vides, nunc ne vides” or “Now you see it, now you don’t”.

Sedrick and Moses are pseudonyms for two guys who, according to Patty, are underemployed and underappreciated. Her mission is to bring their coffee-shop conversations to the intranets via this blog.

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    Not about shareholders or performance quotas, about neither diapers nor afterschool activities, The Slacker Factor podcast and web space is for all of us who feel the intensity of adulthood, and, sometimes, want to run away. Listen to the latest podcasts here, or via iTunes. Read, comment, and contribute to all things slacker through this site. Relax; become part of the slackerdom.

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