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Although the three of us admit to having over-sized egos, we know that our ideas and creativity are limited to the scope of our slacker ways.  So, in promotion of our laziness and to expand thoughts and ideas on The Slacker Factor, we want you to contribute.  Here’s how:

Create a Promo:  Make your own short video to promote The Slacker Factor audio podcast.  One minute or less.   Email them to patty@theslackerfactor.  Contact Patty, if you have questions, too.

Write, Record, or Suggest a Meandering Rant:  Send us your idea for a rant, and we’ll write it; write a rant, and we’ll read it; read and record a rant and we’ll play it.  We want to know what all your what-what is about.  Send them along to

Research a Book Report:  Want to educate us or others on a topic of interest?  Send us your research or questions for a book report, and we’ll present it or schedule a call with you, to arrange recording of the conversation.  Send to

Suggest Music for the Music Segment:  Love a new and/or obscure band?  Have the lyrics of a great song rattling around in your head, and want to infect others?  Let us know your music must-listens, we’ll give a listen, and may feature it on The Slacker Factor podcast.  And, hey, don’t check your ego at the door.  If you write and perform original music, promote yourself to us; we may just bring your music to the masses. Suggest to

Give us your opinion:  Become part of the Slacker nation.  Tell us and your fellow slackers what you think about The Slacker Factor by posting your comments on the blog.

Attach The Slacker Factor to your Webrifficness:  Link to us - podcast or webspace – on your web page, your Facebook, or wherever is the popular space with the kids, these days.  By promoting The Slacker Factor, you expand the scope of  ideas and help us take over the world, one unmotivated rebel at a time.

General inquiries and gifts of large somes of money should be made to

The Disclamer Part: All audio, video, photographic and/or written materials submitted to The Slacker Factor are subject to approvals, edits, and other manipulations.  We can also chose to use it, without further permissions from the originator/submitter, to promote the podcast or the website or any other elements of The Slacker Factor.  And, hey, we’re wanting your original creations.  If it is not yours to begin with or you don’t have permission to use it, don’t burden us with your theiving ways, you hack.

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    Not about shareholders or performance quotas, about neither diapers nor afterschool activities, The Slacker Factor podcast and web space is for all of us who feel the intensity of adulthood, and, sometimes, want to run away. Listen to the latest podcasts here, or via iTunes. Read, comment, and contribute to all things slacker through this site. Relax; become part of the slackerdom.

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