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TSF44: Strange Changes – NOW ONLINE!

Posted on August 28, 2012 | By Patty Pino | No Comments


The Slacker Factor Podcast, Episode 44: Strange Changes

Episode 44: Yes, we are all experiencing job transitions. Yes, all three of us all at the same time. Yes, we speak about the potential for greatness and the fear of uncertainty. Yes, we did close the show with a killer tune. Yes, you should check it out. Here’s to change!

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Meandering Rant: Hosted by Christian, not a formal rant but a conversation about our career changes.

Book Report: “Adapting to Change” by Patty

Music Segment: Rocket From The Crypt, and their song “Ditch Digger”, brought to you by Rob

The Slacker Factor podcast is poised and ready to serve the needs of every listener. Of course, our listeners are slacking, so we’ll never know what is really needed (beyond cheesy-poof snacky snacks.)

TSF37: Creature, Critter, Chupacabra – NOW ONLINE!

Posted on February 8, 2012 | By Robert LaFrance | 2 Comments


The Slacker Factor Podcast, Episode 37: Creature, Critter, Chupacabra

Episode 37: Amazing things live inside of us, and outside of our houses.  Christian talks giant rodents, Rob likes the songs of Flowers & Sea Creatures, Patty’s folks spot a chupacabra, and special guest, Bryan Davis, teaches us about gut critters.

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Meandering Rant: “A Bunch of $hit that Pisses Me Off” by Christian

Book Report: “Guts & Glory”, our second interview with Bryan Davis of  Check out his podcast Doc Fermento Discovers the World.  He reminds us to “Drink the Brine!”

Music Segment: Flowers and Sea Creatures, brought to you by Rob.

Interesting references from Bryan Davis:

Plus, this deal from Christian: Capybara the World’s Largest Rodent.

Spread word of The Slacker Factor podcast, and populate the slacknation.

TSF36: Persona Lackadaisica – NOW ONLINE!

Posted on January 24, 2012 | By Robert LaFrance | No Comments


The Slacker Factor Podcast, Episode 36: Persona Lackadaisica

Episode 36: Our fabulousness and flaws, as people, are on display. Hear from Patty about how every day can be equally frustrating and entertaining, learn from Rob about understanding your personality type, and listen to Christian’s last-minute song selection from Goapele.

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Meandering Rant: “Agh!” by Patty

Book Report: Personality Types, as presented by Rob

Music Segment: Goapele “Break of Dawn”, brought to you bu Christian

Want to know your Meyers Briggs personality type? Learn more here.

Podcasts and rest are good for your brain.  Help a friend’s brain; tell them to listen to The Slacker Factor.


Portlandia… Slacker TV? Season Two – now streaming on Hulu!

Posted on January 5, 2012 | By Christian | 1 Comment

There is a new preview episode of Portlandia Season Two that is now streaming on Hulu - check it out!


Portlandia is a television series that debuted on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) on January 21, 2011. The show, produced by Andrew Singer and Jonathan Krisel, is set and filmed both in and near PortlandOregon and features Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen as well as Carrie Brownstein, a member of the now-defunct band Sleater-Kinney and current lead guitarist/singer for Wild Flag.

The name Portlandia refers to the sculpture of the same name above the entrance of the Portland Building on Fifth Avenue in downtown Portland. The statue also appears in the opening montage title sequence.




TSF35: Same Difference – NOW ONLINE!

Posted on December 23, 2011 | By Robert LaFrance | No Comments


The Slacker Factor Podcast, Episode 35: Same Difference

Episode 35: Jack Johnson uses some percentage of French fry grease to fuel his tour buses, walking in San Diego can spark musical creativity, and living in New Jersey doesn’t guarantee an orange tan-glow. All will make sense when you listen to the conversational lessons of St. Marquis, your favorite Slackers, and the beautiful vocals of Anya Marina.

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Meandering Rant: “Weather Report” by special guest St. Marquis

Book Report: Grease Cars, information by Christian

Music Segment: Anya Marina, brought to you by Patty, featuring the song “All the Same to Me” from Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II

Check out more from St. Marquis, writing as Brett Bickley for the Parsippany Patch.
Keep your friends informed and your enemies perplexed; get ‘em all listening to The Slacker Factor.
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