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Reconstructing Pino

Posted on May 27, 2012 | By Patty Pino | No Comments

Can you relate to a life transition? Patty chronicles hers at Reconstructing Pino. Check it out.

Tic Toc – An Observation

Posted on April 7, 2010 | By Christian | 2 Comments

This is more of an observation… I had an interesting conversation over the weekend with my step father.  It was his birthday and he was saying he has another 3yrs to go before he can retire.  Of course, I am much further away, but it sparked my curiosity and wondered  how old I would have to be.  The answer is 67.  That is 27 years from now.  27 years is longer than the amount of time from  when I began “officially” working at 16 and today!  I don’t know what to say other than… shit.

I’m no George Clooney but…

Posted on March 5, 2010 | By bmasterson | No Comments


Brian Masterson?

Some think it’s all fun and games when traveling for business.  Movies are made about it (Up in the Air, Airplane, the list goes on), books are written about it, and hundreds of stories are told at businesses all over the world. Different cities, different countries, new faces, new adventures.  To be fair, I have traveled more than my share in my short time of business travel, and have visited hundreds of cities and towns around the world. I have visited friends halfway around the world, eaten interesting cuisine, seen some amazing things, and had my share of fun. Someday, I hope my children can experience the same things I have been able to experience.

There is another side of business travel that most either do not know about, or care to think about.  The DARK SIDE of business travel.  From sitting next to and meaninglessly chatting with the nameless (and sometimes smelly) faces on airplanes, to eating dinner on your own (again), getting lost because the GPS you rented is not working, driving through snow/ice, it’s not always glamorous as some folks think it is.  Think about it in these terms – for a normal week long business trip, it takes about 6-8 hrs of preparation –  setting up appointments, booking flights, finding hotels close to the meetings, booking car rentals, figuring out directions to each appointment.  The list goes on.  And this is PRIOR to you even leaving. Read more

Can I be a slacker but still get it done?

Posted on November 17, 2009 | By Christian | 3 Comments

Today I was reading a blog by JenX called “are you there, God?  Its me , generation x” and she writes from the perspective of a Gen Xer and talks about marriage, kids, religion and does a nice job of it.  I always enjoy reading the different perspectives of Gen Xers and how they view themselves within the GenX pool.

JenX discusses an article she read “More Than Zero ” by Pete Peterson who espouses the high engagement levels of Generation X in politics, volunteering, etc.  Her argument is that Generation X does not really =
slacker.  I would argue that you can be a slacker… Read more

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?

Posted on September 13, 2009 | By Patty Pino | No Comments

CarmenSandiegoWe slackers are working to get The Slacker Factor podcasts rolling.  We have ideas and music and ideas about music that we’ll bring to you, while you’re relaxing, of course.  We want your input, too, so if you have the inclination, see the Get Involved page.

Oh, and you can subscribe to this through RSS and other junk and we’ll be tweeting and spacing and facing and whatnot, once we finish napping. ~pp

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